Frequently asked questions:

Can I really do an Intensive? At our upcoming Alabama Intensive, we have an 80 year old lady. She will do as many dyads as she is able - it is her choice - she is old enough to know. You of course need to talk to your Facilitator. What will be the rules for your Intensive? How tough will it be if you are not a good solder? We also have a lady with a 3 month old daughter she will be breast-feeding. She may not be 80 but she too will come and go as she pleases. Enlightenment Intensives are for everyone who is still alive and has a yearning for truth. It is not too late.

Why should I go to an Intensive? Many reasons:

I am too far away to attend any of the Intensives that you have posted at is there a way for me to do something myself? Yes, you might want to start a Wednesday night dyad group. All you need is an even number of people - start with the instruction list given on this web site - and then just go for it. Do what ever interests you. You will gain knowledge that you can not get any other way. First hand knowledge that is personal. If you fail - you may want to save your money for a plane trip to places where you can let others guide your travels within the Dyad process. Now you can try another Wednesday night dyad weekly workshop and have better prospects.

I have a question that is not on this list.. e-mail and we will try to answer you..

Living your Enlightenment Experience.

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