The Enlightenment Intensive

The Enlightenment Intensive is designed around a natural, observable architecture of life. There is you and there is the other. There is life "between" you. The illusion of separation from others (and the consequent way we act out the illusion) dissolves when there is an increase of understanding between us.

In the Enlightenment Intensive dyad, two people, facing each other, take turns saying what is true (for them) to the other. What they say comes out of contemplation of truth, not just from random mental activity or external events. It is said with an intent for true understanding between them -heart to heart. They look at each other and face the actuality of the other sitting across from them.

The listener just listens, without judging, evaluating, or trip-laying, respecting the uniqueness of the other. Both fully invest their attention in that moment with each other. Both are present with and for each other. They both are willing to face what comes up between them and stick with it until there is understanding.

They take turns when communicating-they are considerate. They speak the truth, and endeavor to get to the core of it. They are one-pointed, not scattered, and persist at opening up their consciousness to the truth. They flow their communication to each other, breaking through blocks when they arise. They reveal what has never been revealed before. And even though they trust, it is not naïve trust because they know the other just might do anything. Working together like this, after three days, one gets down to Truth.

Be warned, though, that the dyad focuses on interpersonal contact as the place where truth is realized. This path may not be a peaceful one. It brings up crises, upsets, and upheavals. This does not mean that the path is not sound. Mystics in every tradition experience the "dark night of the soul." As Master Subramuniya recently wrote in the March 97 issue of Hinduism Today, "Meditation can be more than you bargained for. On the path to enlightenment, every part of one's nature has to be faced and reconciled."

Enlightenment practices must happen independent of what is going on in your life. If life rules you, you will soon stop your practice. If your practice is independent of the conditions in your life, you can persist. This means that you just decide to do it for no reason and you do it no matter what.

(Thank you Edrid for allowing me your way to say this..)

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