Living your Enlightenment Experience

To make the dyads work in life, we develop certain practices. Here are some that you can practice in your daily life: (Words were from Edrid's online newsletter )

One-pointedness. When you focus one-pointedly on what is going on between you and another, you won't feel dispersed or scattered. You can cultivate being one-pointed, having a single focus on what you are doing.

Being present. Practice being present in the here and now, not tangled up in your mind. Vipassana is one of the great Buddhist practices that emphasizes being present.

Facing Others. Put your attention on another-right on them as a conscious being. You can cultivate a steadiness in being present with your attention on the actual other, not on their mind, personality, or your reactions to what they are doing or saying.

Going for the truth. Just go for the truth. Get good at that. How is it really?

Listening. Set out to hear what the other actually says. Listen with all of your attention. Do not pass judgment on what another says. Just hear it as what they are saying. You can understand what they say without having to agree with them. Minimize your feedback of judgments about what the other says. Invite openness, prepare a safe place for them to tell you their truth.

Communicating. Say what is true for you. Avoid telling lies or contorting things just to be liked or to control others.

Reveal yourself to others.

Finishing communication cycles. Be conscious of the cycles as they unfold and make sure that they are complete. The cycle is: something to communicate arises, intend to communicate it. Do the communicating. Receive the acknowledgment that you communicated. Stop sending.

No trip laying. Respect the independent thought of the other. Don't force your ideas on the other. (You can ignore this article or this whole newsletter if you want.)

Don't interrupt. Listen more than you talk. When you listen, just listen.

Be available for relationship with others. Allow them to come into your life, hear what they have to say, and get who they are.

Live the dyad as you learn it in an Intensive. Do the best you can, persist, and you will be living your enlightenment.

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