Eleven Reasons to go to three day Enlightenment Intensives.

By Bill Savoie 

  1. Maybe you want control over your life and can never quite seem to get it. You never get the big picture - just the struggle on the edge to bringing it all together. Try - but again - it goes bad - you lose control - just at the wrong time. Why Again? Maybe it is time to face the real truth - the one that just is - the one you are avoiding through control. There is a kind of democracy in life that people can never run away from. The truth does set you free. You can get this truth by confronting life as it is - rather than as you are trying to make it be. With grace you can see joy in each moment - where failure is not an option - and you can take this back into your daily life. Live in a deep trust of the way life really is - with dignity.

  3. You noticed that children who come from loving families live life with less fear. Strangely, they also seem to be easier to satisfy. They get it both ways - they go faster and yet have better balance. They seem to get more than us "normal" people. You might call them the "lucky" ones. Our parents, gave us a harder time. We didn't really make it that well. If it were possible - to do it all again - we could just start over with better parents. Then we would be part of the "lucky" ones. Maybe next life? Now that myth can be shattered! You don't have to be satisfied with what you "got". The Enlightenment Intensive gives you the opportunity to re-parent yourself! You can be your guide to past experiences, the friend you needed back then. Work on any of the fundamental questions, and you can use your adult guide, to re-parent you through your past unfinished experiences. Give yourself a re-birth. You will become part of the "lucky" ones with better balance and less fear. You are not over, but still beginning.

  5. Maybe you are a male in your third marriage and scarred. How can you make your current marriage work? You find yourself increasingly reactive and out of control. When you were young you were never this edgy. When you were young and confident nobody could get under your skin and get you reactive. Now your wife can set you off with just a few words. You might have discovered yourself out of control and hitting the one you say you love. How did this happen? Where did that flexibility go? You lose your flexibility because of undigested emotional pain. You have been running away from yourself and your pain. Unless you start to change - you will find yourself in a fourth marriage in the same condition only worse off and more terrified of what you might find inside. You must not let others "trigger" your pain - you must clean up the mess yourself. To do that you need someone who can listen without reaction - so you can separate truth from reaction. As you remove the internal barriers to your experience - you will gain a connection to life not stuck in the past - and start to live again. New.

  7. Maybe you hate the word "spiritual." I am speaking to the person who has tried various religions and failed to find something that was spiritually satisfying. Nothing has worked for you. You started with traditional Christian religion - it just didn't reach you - so you took your empty feelings to stronger medicine - like being a strict Muslim - but nothing seemed to "work". I claim you are looking in the wrong direction. The problem is that you already have the answer - you just don't know what it is. You don't really know yourself. That is because you have been "contaminated" and confused by all the people trying to "help" you. They may all want you to be just like them. They tell you their truths - and you try hard to believe them - but it doesn't work. You are filled with here-say truths and what you need are absolute truths. You still think you can find truth somewhere "outside" by listening to their ideas or their thought structure. Unfortunately you can't find the real answers outside of you. Why? Because you give life meaning! To see that you need to face yourself. The real you. Face yourself and discover your deep hidden spirit self. No one can do for you. Your work. You in your own opinion facing your truth of you - alone. Easy right? Now do this in public. You need to present this truth to another - and to get that personal truth to another in such a way that they understand you - as you really are. Then when people talk about spirit you can just smile - nothing really needs to be said. It is all in the experience!

  9. Maybe someone close to you died. That person was not easy to talk to. Maybe they were a parent and you feel much remains between you and them that is still unresolved. You hurt inside but feel a complex combination of love, confusion and anger. You try to avoid it - but feel almost nothing else. Everything in your life reflects upon this relationship - and you are drowning in it. You need people who can listen - who aren't as close to the issue as you are - so you can sort it all out - and regain your balance.

  11. Tell me who you are?

  13. Tell me what you are?

  15. Tell me what another is?

  17. Tell me what life is?

  19. Tell me what love is?

  21. You want to fall in love with a bunch of wonderful people? These will be people you can feel intimate with - who you respect - some will seem like the family we wish we had. They now can become the family of our new adulthood. This new adulthood starts with each breath - beginners mind - as the Buddhists call it. Each new breath has the magic of choice. Most of us simply call it "joy" or "living in the now."


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