From: tomano <>
Date: Monday, October 19, 1998 4:50 PM

Hi Bill,

Probably you do know yet but in Netherlands we have also Intensives. We called here Gnostic Intensives because something is changed in de comando. And like Berner said "If you change something change please the name".. so we did.

In fact the change is in question - instead "Tell me...." we have comando:
"Experience directly...etc" And it's works very good. That was idea of
Zivorad Mihajlovic from Belgrade. Zivorad's e-mail address is
zivorad@beotel.yu . You can ask him but I think he would like to be on the info list. If you want put my address also to the list. My next Intensive is at the end of January and I do not charge any money for it. With best

Bob Tomanovic

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